Become a BIG HERO for little equines

Want to help save more lives? Each year we provide shelter, food, medical care and most of all LOVE to over 100 miniature horses, donkeys and mules! And we operate without city, state, or federal funding. How can we do this? Only with help from Big Heroes like you!

Through a monthly sponsorship, you help us provide the important care these minis need while in the rescue.


What Big Heroes do

When you become a Big Hero by signing up to make monthly donations, you’re providing gifts that can be used by animals in their hours of need. Big Heroes are special members of the ETMHD Rescue Family and, because their gifts are continuous and steady, they help animals all year round.  Be a Big Hero and start your monthly gift today.

  • Helps us maintain funds for other rescues that need to be included in the program

  • Assists by offsetting some of the costs to care for special minis that are in rehabilitation until adopted

  • Helps cover the costs associated with medical care, special farrier visits, wound care and medical supplies

  • Helps pay for the transportation costs of getting minis to the vet, to a foster home or a forever home

  • Helps with special dietary needs for minis that are pregnant and/or have medical issues that require special feeds

  • Helps ensure medical issues don't cause a huge impact on the financial budget of the rescue

If you would like to also be part of our Big Heroes Group on Face Book, please let us know so we can add your membership. On the Group page, we will be giving you behind the scenes pictures and updates on the minis in our care. Because we want you to know how your funds make a difference, and because we want you to know you are a valued part of this rescue, please feel free to use this page to ask questions about specific favorites, current or past, or about special projects and fundraisers we are involved in. This is your rescue - your gifts save lives!

*Don't have PayPal? Don't worry, you can contact us at 865-266-3396 to set up a monthly donation or you may also mail your donation to: 

ETMHD Rescue

6545 Calloway Rd

Loudon, TN 37774 

Due to the increasing number of covid cases in Tennessee, we won't be having any onsite visits unless it's for an approved applicant. We want to limit the exposure for our volunteers and families.
Since we are unable to have our monthly open houses, which are designed for those wanting to learn more about minis, please feel free to message us or email us ( with questions if you're not quite ready to adopt. We will gladly answer your questions and help you decide if minis are for you. Thank you for your understanding.

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