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Who We Are

ETMHD was founded August 10th of 2016. We are one of the Nation's few rescues devoted to helping miniature equines in need. We help an average of 85 miniature horses, donkeys and mules a year. WE ARE 100% DONATION FUNDED AND A PROUD MEMBER OF THE HOMES FOR HORSES COALATION 

ETMHD sits on a little over 6 acres of pasture which is divided into small paddocks and dry lots suitable for miniatures. Each paddock and lot has its own shelter. ETMHD houses an average of 35 miniatures at any given time. This total includes several that are in the Sanctuary Program.


Numbers in this video were current as of Spring 2020, ETMHD takes in an average of 85 minis per year.

ETMHD is a small rescue made up of volunteers who want to make a big difference in the lives of small equines. Our mission is three fold:

  • To be a safety net for miniature horses, donkeys and mules that are at risk of being homeless or going to auction.

  • To educate potential adopters and mini owners of the care and needs of these little equines.

  • To educate the public about the plight of the unwanted horse. 

Our Board 


Angela Devine

Founder and Director 

In 2014, Angela Devine, Founder and Director of ETMHD, moved to a small farm in Loudon, TN with her family. The property that would later become ETMHD's facility, was origionally home to her riding horses, pet goats, several dogs, cats and pot belly pig. In 2015 the first miniatures (which had been part of a local cruelty case) were added to the family farm; less than a year later the rescue was born. 

 Angela and her family remain very involved in the day to day care of the miniatures.


Jane Griess

Equine Health Coordinator

 I’m a Tennessee native, from oak ridge originally, and retired from us fish and wildlife service after 30 years working in the wildlife field.  I have always had an obsession with horses which continues at ETMHDR. I also compete in dock dog diving with my dog Pippa. 


Cherie Magmum

Media Coordinator 

I first became interested in the rescue because if my love of donkeys. After adopting several minis from ETMHD in 2018, I decided I wanted to be a part of the rescue and help with our online presence. 


Janet Kyle

Fundraising Coordinator 

I have rescued animals all of my life.  As horses are a first love, when given the opportunity to be a volunteer at East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue, I signed up.  I began working with ETMHD rescue in February 2019.  I go twice a week to help clean up after the littles and do odd jobs as needed.  I assisted with fund raisers this year also, consisting of two Facebook auctions, several yard sales, Meet and Greets, and the Pet Blessing in Oak Ridge, TN.


Heather Martin 

Events Coordinator  

I have managed events and party planned for years  and I love planning events to help the minis, I especially love the donkeys. I know I will eventually get property where I can keep some long ears of my own but for now I just have two spoiled kittens. 

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