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Sanctuary Program


Where Second Hand Minis Give First Class Love 


We do believe in humanly euthanizing when certain criteria has been met: if there is no quality of life, the miniature is terminal, or suffering. However, some horses are not adoptable immediatly or will require special care the rest of their lives, what then?

  • What to do with a miniature that can have a happy life with the right balance of care and maintenance?

  • What to do you do with a miniature that could get hurt during horse play in a “normal” healthy herd? 

  • Is it ethical to euthanize a happy animal just because it needs special care for an extended time or may never be considered adoptable?


More and more rescue miniatures need specialized care for a period of recovery or the rest of their lives. So what happens to them? What is the answer?


 The solution to this dilemma is simple, a sanctuary program has been created for our most “delicate” ones. In the sanctuary program, they can either recover to be adopted at a later date or become a permanent resident. 


Poem by Athey Thompson 


I shall
Gather up
All the lost souls
That wander this earth
All the ones that are alone
All the ones that are broken
All the ones that never really fitted in
I shall gather them all up
And together we shall find our home


Sabrina is a sweet senior mare with melanoma. Though this is a common issue with grey horses, Sabrina has an abnormally large amount of tumors. She was entered into sanctuary due to the amount of care she requires.


Silver is a senior gelding who has been ETMHD's ambassador from the beginning, He was pulled from a livestock auction and became the face of the rescue. Silver is a senior who requires a special mash due to a lack of teeth. 


Goliath is a tiny senior gelding with mobility issues. He has arthritis and some nuerological issues from untreated EPM before his arrival. He has regular chiropractic work to help keep him moving freely. Goliath is a favorite of visitors and the volunteers. 


Wren was one of our first sanctuary horses. She has been with us since 2017. She was born with a spinal deformity that could cause her to easily be injured but is not in any pain. This fiesty girl has no idea she is different, in fact, she is just one in a million! 

Anne Bonny 

Anne Bonny is a small pony mare that suffered a horrific injury to her hind leg before coming to rescue. When we took her in she was missing the bottom third of her hind leg. Anne Bonny now runs around on a prostethic made just for her. 


Steve is the youngest horse we have ever had in sanctuary. He has juvenile arthritis and angular limb deformities that cause mobility issues. He is also an internet sensation and he knows it! 


Delilah has been in our sactuary program for a long time. She is a gentle soul and very sweet. She is completely blind but gets around perfectly with her pasture mates. 

Help us care for the sanctuary minis by becoming a monthly donor.

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