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Helping the Community 

The purpose of the ETMHD Hay Bank is to assist equine owners that are going through a hard time due to life changing circumstances that prevent them from being able to properly feed their equines. This program is to be short term aid to be used until the owner situation is improved and/or the equines have been placed or sold into private homes or a nonprofit equine rescue. The equines cannot be taken to an equine auction to be sold for slaughter or sold to a known kill pen buyer.
The criteria used for determining eligibility for receiving help from the ETMHD Hay Bank program are as follows:


  • Owner must be a private horse owner. No applications from equine businesses (such as boarding or training facilities) will be considered.

  • Situation and need must be short-term.

  • Owner must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Owner must have owned the equine(s) for a minimum of 12 months.

  • Owner must have a workable plan developed to avoid future need and be willing to share that with ETMHD.


Other determining factors:


  • Whether owner is engaged in breeding practices (owner must be willing to geld all stallions).

  • Owner cannot be involved in the regular sale of equines (this does not include the need to sell their horse(s) due to the economic or financial situation owner are currently in).

  • The condition of the equines and equine facilities on their property, including but not limited do, hay storage and all areas accessible to equines.

  • Whether owner have a regular relationship with equine professional(s).

We understand good people can go through hard times. Our goal is to ensure that they do not have to let their equines suffer during this period. The program goal is to provide short term assistance until there is a change in circumstances or the equines have been rehomed. The program is a first come, first serve with an approved application process.

We reserve the right to deny assistance if the owner does not meet or comply with the program’s requirements or there is a lack of funding. If you are in need, please conact us for an applicationl. 



  • We educate the public through social media and events throughout the year 

  • We seek out ways to address and correct common issues with miniatures that are abused/neglected

  • We network with several other rescues in TN and surrounding states 

  • We do not judge anyone coming to us for help

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