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Wild Horses in Black & White


  • Where do all the rescues come from?
    We work with the State and local Law Enforcement to help miniatures that are part of cruelty cases or running at large. Most of our rescues are owner surrenders. People have situations come up in their life that makes it difficult or impossible to keep their animals. We accept owner surrendered miniatures to help provide a safe place for them as they find a new home.
  • Why do you not adopt donkeys as guardian animals? ​
    We want our donkeys to be in a forever home because someone wanted a donkey not just a guardian. Most of the donkeys we receive in rescue are failed guardians. Donkeys by nature are territorial and will chase things out of the pasture. Unfortunately, donkeys also see calves, lambs and goat kids as unknown threats and may injure or kill them when they are born. As a prey animal, donkeys and miniatures especially, are at risk of injury from predators just as the other animals they are with. This is why we insist on predatory proof fencing.
  • What is wrong with adopting a single horse or donkey? ​
    Everyone deserves to have a full and happy life that includes socializing with friends. All equines are social and live in small groups or herds. Donkeys will pair up and grieve if they lose their friend. Horses live in herds and do not feel safe living alone. Some horses will not even lay down to sleep if alone and this causes both physical and mental issues. ***We do not adopt miniatures to be pasture mates to full sized horses***
  • Do you have miniatures for therapy?
    Rescue minis are very capable of becoming therapy animals with proper training. We will work with you in determining if we have any minis that may excell at this type of work. You will need to "test" the miniature as well to make sure they will be able to do the job safely and happily. However, most people searching for horses to train for therapy want tiny minis or dwarfs. We rarely get minis that small unless they have issues that have caused them to be in rescue in the first place. Many small minis have issues with their leg joints, teeth and mobility. If you are looking for a small mini for therapy, please let us know anyway, we may know of another rescue that has just who you are looking for.
  • What are the most common issues with miniatures and donkeys?
    Too much pasture is the biggest contributor of health issues for both minis and donkeys. They should not be on large pastures and donkeys should never be fed sweet feeds. Taking loving care of your mini's weight and maintaining their feet and teeth will go a long way towards letting them reach their potential life span of 30 plus years.
  • What are you adoption fees?
    Adoption fees may vary but are normally $250 for ponies (over 40"), $300 for miniature horses, and $400 for miniature donkeys. We do reduce adoption fees for pairs and multiples.
  • When can we visit the miniatures?
    Since ETMHD is on a private residence and a volunteer organization, we do not allow visits unless you have an appointment and an approved application. Not ready to adopt or just want to see our place? Please follow us on FB to see when we are having our next Meet and Greet - these events are open to the general public and you do not need to have an application on file.
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